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It's Coming in 2021



Join me from anywhere in the world!

If you don't live in the Los Angeles area, or will be on the road, or can't commit in person for the full month but want to do the program....

Your wish is my command!

Partial programs(in person) are still avail but if you are truly wanting a MENTOR and want to do the FULL PROGRAM, 1 MONTH, I got ya covered.

FOMO ??? No worries I got you covered with all the goods from the Los Angeles Mentorship Program!

What's Included...

-4 Weekly Group Meetings

-3 One on One Sessions

-2 Class Routines

-2 Groove Sessions

-1 Group Question & Answer

- Resource List

-Access to Got Amy via Whats App

- Homework

The weekly group meetings will be at a set time but recorded for your convenience.  The class routines are learned on your own time at your own pace. Our one on one meetings are scheduled by YOU once a week. 

The group Question & Answer is at a set time but will be recorded for your convenience.

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