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Taste great, healthy, and delivered to my door, what could be better!! and I don't have to cook! YES! Meals ready for any rehearsal or shoot day.  This is defiantly a life saver for those long film days! I highly recommend the flat breads and ice cream for dessert!


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I love my Berkey shower filter, super easy to travel with and install into any hotel shower!

The travel size Water filter is great addition to Tour Life!

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Hydration is key to every element of your journey, from your body to function as an elite machine to helping with weight loss & toning. And not to mention how it will make your skin glow!

Every function of the body needs water!

Find what works for you, set a timer, plan ahead, and get creative.


Try drinking water as soon as you wake up in the morning. Drink water 30minutes before eating. Drinking too much while eating can lessen the ability for your stomach acids to digest your food.


To help you stay hydrated and save the planet!!! There's a few companies we love!

Bamboo and glass are two options to use for your water bottle and accessories!


First up we have SIMPLY STRAWS

I love their travel utensil kit.

Two of my favorite Products!

Minerals Minerals Minerals! The most bio available form of Magnesium!



Mary Ruth's Organic products are great to travel with! I use the probiotic, which is liquid form and doesn't need refrigeration.

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Earth Hero is the mother load website!

All your Eco Friendly needs!

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I travel with the Berkey filter and use the Omica in my home