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2 Week Program
Got Amy Mentorship
Jan 24th - Feb 7th


Alumni Accountability Program
Jan 25th - Feb 20th

2 Week schedule


1st Week

Jan 24th 10am-2pm Mock Audition Class

Jan 26th Physical Therapy Session 

Jan 28th Shopping Trip

2nd Week

Jan 31st 10am-2pm Mock Rehearsal

Feb 2nd 10am-2pm Group Q&A Session & Tour Training

Feb 4th 10am-2pm Mock Fim Day

3rd Week

Feb 7th 10am-1pm Group Feedback

All Private sessions will be scheduled on your own time via Calendly.

JAN 24th - FEB 7th

ALUMNI 1 MONTH schedule

JAN 25th - FEB 20th


1st Week

Jan 25th 10am Productivity Session

Jan 26th Physical Therapy Session

Jan 28th 10am Shopping Trip

2nd Week

Feb 2nd Tour training/workout

3rd Week

Feb 8th 10am Productivity Session

Jan 9th Tour Training/workout

Feb 11th 10am Masterclass

4th Week

Feb 15th 10am Experimental day

Feb 17th 10am Individual Film Day

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